New directions in corpus-based translation studies studies and machine translation
Claudio Fantinuoli, Federico Zanettin (editors)



ISBN-13: 978-3-944675-83-1
ISBN-13 hardcover: 978-3-944675-74-9
ISBN-13 softcover: 978-3-944675-75-6
ISBN-13 softcover-US: 978-1-523743-55-1


DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.64
Published: 2015-05-28

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Fantinuoli, Claudio & Federico Zanettin (eds.). 2015. New directions in corpus-based translation studies studies and machine translation (Translation and Multilingual Natural Language Processing 1). Berlin: Language Science Press.
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  • Benedikt Singpiel
  • Stefan Hartmann
  • Christian Pietsch
  • Rachele De Felice
  • Daniela Schröder
  • Zeljko Agic
  • Kristina Pelikan
  • Charlotte van Tongeren
  • Ka Shing Ko


  • Sebastian Nordhoff

About this book

Corpus-based translation studies has become a major paradigm and research methodology and has investigated a wide variety of topics in the last two decades. The contributions to this volume add to the range of corpus-based studies by providing examples of some less explored applications of corpus analysis methods to translation research. They show that the area keeps evolving as it constantly opens up to different frameworks and approaches, from appraisal theory to process-oriented analysis, and encompasses multiple translation settings, including (indirect) literary translation, machine(-assisted) translation and the practical work of professional legal translators. The studies included in the volume also expand the range of application of corpus applications in terms of the tools used to accomplish the research tasks outlined.

About Claudio Fantinuoli

Claudio Fantinuoli is Senior Lecturer at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germersheim. His research and teaching areas include corpus-based translation and interpreting studies as well as information management for translators and interpreters.

About Federico Zanettin

Federico Zanettin is Associate Professor of English Language and Translation at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia. He is has published and lectured widely on corpus-based translation studies, both as concerns descriptive studies and applications to translator education.


Creating and using multilingual corpora in translation studies
Claudio Fantinuoli, Federico Zanettin
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.67

Development of a keystroke logged translation corpus
Tatiana Serbina, Paula Niemietz, Stella Neumann
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.68

Racism goes to the movies
A corpus-driven study of cross-linguistic racist discourse annotation and translation analysis
Effie Mouka, Ioannis E. Saridakis, Angeliki Fotopoulou
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.69

Building a trilingual parallel corpus to analyse literary translations from German into Basque
Naroa Zubillaga, Zuriñe Sanz, Ibon Uribarri
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.70

Variation in translation
Evidence from corpora
Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.71

Non-human agents in subject position: Translation from English into Dutch
A corpus-based translation study of “give” and “show”
Steven Doms
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.72

Investigating judicial phraseology with COSPE
A contrastive corpus-based study
Gianluca Pontrandolfo
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b76.73