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Books are the tools of scientists. We need them. Writing books, reviewing books for publishers, and copying them afterwards takes a lot of time. To make the vision of books that are available to anyone become true, we need your help. You can support Language Science Press in several ways:

Join our public supporters. If you are already registered, you can opt to join the list in your subscription settings. If you are not already registered, you are asked if you want be a public supporter while registering.

The success of of Languages Science Press depends on the number of high quality books we publish. You can support Language Science Press by submitting your monograph or edited volume here. Scientists all over the world will benefit by having easy and free access to your book and you will benefit by its spread in the scientific community. If you are interested in pusblishing a book with Language Science press, have a look at our Information for Authors.

Each chapter we publish is proofread by two proofreaders. You can offer your help as a proofreader in your subscriptions settingsor while registering. When a book needs to be proofread, we will contact you and give you a short synopsis of the content and information about the size of the book.

Although we encourage authors to submit their book using our LaTeX template, there often is typesetting work left to be done before a book can be published. If you are familiar with LaTeX and if you want to help us, please mark the typesetter checkbox in your subscriptions settingsor while registering. When a book needs to be typeset, we will contact you with more detailed information.

Before being officially published, our authors have the chance to send their manuscripts to our open reviewprocess. In this process, anyone who visits our webpage can comment on the book or on selected parts of the book. We use hypothes.isto realize an easy way to make comments and communication possible. See our user guideand test siteto view and try out the commenting software.

If your book doesn't fit in any of our series, you may found a series of you own. In order to propose a new series contact us. You can find information about our editing process here.

Your donation helps us to maintain Language Science Press. Many thanks for your support!

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