Topics at the Grammar-Discourse Interface


  • Philippa Cook (Chief Editor, Freie Universität Berlin),
  • Anke Holler (University of Göttingen),
  • Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen (Univerity of Oslo)

Aims and scope

This series aims to publish high quality books that contribute to a better understanding of linguistic theories of phonetics and phonology. It aims to strengthen the scientific foundation of phonological theory using methods from phonetics and related disciplines, such as psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, computer science and physics. This integrated approach underlines the importance of the relation between qualitative and quantitative aspects of speech and language, as well as the relevance of prosody in its broadest sense.

Editorial board

  • Elizabeth Coppock (Gothenburg)
  • Laurence Danlos (Paris)
  • Stefanie Dipper (Bochum)
  • Markus Egg (HU-Berlin)
  • Kai von Fintel (MIT)
  • Barbara Hemforth (Paris)
  • Manfred Krifka (HU-Berlin)
  • Elsi Kaiser (Los Angeles)
  • Magdalena Kaufmann (Storrs)
  • Andrew Kehler (San Diego)
  • Alex Lascarides (Edinburgh)
  • Line Mikkelsen (Berkeley)
  • Livia Polanyi (Stanford)
  • Torgrim Solstad (ZAS Berlin)
  • Manfred Stede (Potsdam)
  • Christiane von Stutterheim (Heidelberg)
  • Marc de Vries (Groningen)
  • Bonnie Webber (Edinburgh)


We accept submissions in English and German.


ID Title Number Year
A grammar library for information structure
Sanghoun Song
1 Forthcoming