Advances in the study of Siouan languages and linguistics
Catherine Rudin, Bryan James Gordon (editors)



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DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.118
Published: 2016-05-18

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Rudin, Catherine & Bryan James Gordon (eds.). 2016. Advances in the study of Siouan languages and linguistics (Studies in Diversity Linguistics 10). Berlin: Language Science Press.
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  • Aaron Huey Sonnenschein
  • Alec Shaw
  • Andreas Hölzl
  • Christian Döhler
  • Dominik Lukes
  • Eitan Grossman
  • Matthew Czuba
  • Martin Haspelmath
  • Neal Whitman
  • Rong Chen
  • Steve Pepper
  • Alessia Battisti
  • Anelia Ignatova
  • Carolyn O'Meara
  • Elizabeth Zeitoun
  • Roelant Ossewaarde
  • Stathis Selimis
  • Teresa Proto
  • Varun deCastro-Arrazola


  • Sebastian Nordhoff


  • Sebastian Nordhoff

About this book

The Siouan family comprises some twenty languages, historically spoken across a broad swath of the central North American plains and woodlands, as well as in parts of the southeastern United States.
In spite of its geographical extent and diversity, and the size and importance of several Siouan-speaking tribes, this family has received relatively little attention in the linguistic literature and many of the individual Siouan languages are severely understudied. This volume aims to make work on Siouan languages more broadly available and to encourage deeper investigation of the myriad typological, theoretical, descriptive, and pedagogical issues they raise.
The 17 chapters in this volume present a broad range of current Siouan research, focusing on various Siouan languages, from a variety of linguistic perspectives: historical-genetic, philological, applied, descriptive, formal/generative, and comparative/typological. The editors' preface summarizes characteristic features of the Siouan family, including head-final and 'verb-centered' syntax, a complex system of verbal affixes including applicatives and subject-possessives, head-internal relative clauses, gendered speech markers, stop-systems including ejectives, and a preference for certain prosodic and phonotactic patterns.
The volume is dedicated to the memory of - ssor Robert L. Rankin, a towering figure in Siouan linguistics throughout his long career, who passed away in February of 2014.

About Catherine Rudin

Catherine Rudin (1954) is Professor of Linguistics at Wayne State College. Though best known for her publications on Slavic and Balkan syntax (2 books and numerous articles), she has also done significant work on Siouan languages, including field work on Omaha-Ponca (1988-1993), the Omaha and Ponca Digital Dictionary project (Co-PI 2008-11), and is currently at work on a grammar of Omaha-Ponca.

About Bryan James Gordon

Bryan James Gordon (1982) is an applied linguistic anthropologist working as instructional, technical and linguistic support for the Title VII UmóⁿhoⁿLanguage and Cultural Center at the UmóⁿhoⁿNation Public School in Macy, Nebraska. He has published on information structure in Siouan and Algonquian languages, colinguistic gesture and sociolinguistics of Spanish-English contact zones, and taken part in documentary projects in Nebraska, Kansas and Panama. His current efforts are focussed on language reclamation in theory and practice.


A distant genetic relationship between Siouan-Catawban and Yuchi
Ryan M. Kasak
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.120

Two Siouan languages walk into a sprachbund
David Kaufman
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.121

Regular sound shifts in the history of Siouan
Rory Larson
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.122

Refinement of the Ho-Chunk syllabary in the nine-teenth and twentieth centuries
Kathleen Danker
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.123

A forgotten figure in Siouan and Caddoan linguistics
Samuel Stehman Haldeman (1812-1880)
Anthony Grant
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.124

In his own words
Robert Rankin recalls his work with the Kaw people and their language
Linda Cumberland
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.169

Perspectives on Chiwere revitalization
Jimm Goodtracks, Bryan James Gordon, Saul Schwartz
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.170

Reconstructing post-verbal negation in Kansa
A pedagogical problem
Justin T. McBride
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.171

Baxoje-Jiwere grammar sketch
Jill D. Greer
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.172

The phonology of Lakota voiced stops
David Rood
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.173

The syntax and semantics of internally headed relative clauses in Hidatsa
John P. Boyle
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.174

A description of verb-phrase ellipsis in Hocąk
Meredith Johnson
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.175

On the structure and constituency of Hocąk resultatives
Bryan Rosen
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.176

Evidence for a VP constituent in Hocąk
Meredith Johnson, Bryan Rosen, Mateja Schuck
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.177

Coordination and related constructions in Omaha-Ponca and in Siouan languages
Catherine Rudin
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.178

Information-structural variations in Siouan languages
Bryan James Gordon
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.179

NP-internal possessive constructions in Hoocąk and other Siouan languages
Johannes Helmbrecht
DOI: 10.17169/langsci.b94.180