Adjective attribution
Michael Rießler



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DOI: 10.17169/FUDOCS_document_000000000000
Published: 2014-03-05

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Rießler, Michael. 2014. Adjective attribution (Studies in Diversity Linguistics 2). Berlin: Language Science Press.
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  • Martin Haspelmath
  • Eitan Grossman
  • Michelle Natolo
  • Anelia Ignatova
  • Antonio Machicao y Priemer
  • Natalia Cáceres Arandia
  • Andreas Hölzl
  • Ezekiel Tunde
  • Alec Shaw
  • Mario Bisiada
  • Eva Schultze-Berndt
  • Neal Whitman
  • Parviz Parsafar
  • Alessia Battisti
  • Rogier Blokland


  • Felix Kopecky
  • Sebastian Nordhoff
  • Michael Rießler

About this book

This book is the first typological study of adjective attribution marking. Its focus lies on Northern Eurasia, although it covers many more languages and presents an ontology of morphosyntactic categories relevant to noun phrase structure in general. Beside treating synchronic data, the study contributes to historical linguistics by reconstructing the origin of new types specifically in the language contact area between the Indo-European and Uralic families.

About Michael Rießler

Michael Rießler (1971) holds an MA degree in Scandinavian Studies from Humboldt University Berlin and a PhD in General Linguistics from the University of Leipzig. Currently he is affiliated with the University of Freiburg where he leads a research group in Saami Studies. Among the areas he has worked in besides linguistic typology are documentary linguistics, language contact and the sociology of language.